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It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular teacher, you choose to start up a children's art business, or you are already trying out the business. The collaboration of the franchisee and MuzArt will ensure resource integration, cooperation and create a win-win situation. Our role as a one-stop solution centre ensure you have full support and empowerment throughout the process of your business. 

The choice of franchisees has become more important. There are a lot franchisees in the market. But we must choose brands with authority and influence, not only in site selection, planning, decoration, management, enrollment, promotion and favorable support. Can bring you all aspects of brand resources!

MuzArt International

We owe a BIG THANK YOU to all our MuzArt partners for joining us in 2018. In the past year, MuzArt National Chain School has broken through 40 school and served more than 100,000 students. MuzArt also ushered in 2019 with a BIG welcome to our brand’s FIRST DECADE. We set off the year with love in all our hearts!

MuzArt International children's talent cultivation brand for the next decade

Branding · Internationalization
MuzArt International focuses on brand building. In 2019, it has made international brand development an important goal. The highly recognized brand reputation is influenced by Feminine, The Star, Nanyang Siang Pau, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Oriental Daily, AI FM, City Plus,988 FM, and other major website media reported.

2019MuzArt course is fully upgraded

2019MuzArt designed a systematic education course based on the child's age characteristics, and integrated MuzArt's comprehensive material art painting expression to provide a global curriculum chain agency with the empowerment of the curriculum system.

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1. Leading Brand

Continuous creative and innovation of our brand has successfully made us stand out from others. Our International Courses that comes with the high quality of the syllabus itself gives consumers great confidence and recognition of the brand. Once the franchisees have obtained the brand authorization, franchisees may use the brand features such as the brand’s reputation and image for free. As a result, our brand has unconsciously helped our investors gain the trust and patronage of the consumers and directly enjoy the intangible value brought by the brand.


2. Product Strength

The headquarters will always provide full support in terms of the product quality and ensure that the products are updated in a timely manner, parallel to the education trend and market demand. MuzArt always upholds professional, dedicated spirit and constantly strives for excellence to build a better brand preponderance.


3. Technical Strength

The brand is committed to standardized research and development, systematic management, and streamlined processes so that franchisees can easily get started and quickly master it from zero experience, reduce costs and time, and increase profits.


4. Training Strength

MuzArt is always looking for the best partners to benefit directly from MuzArt's 10 years of accumulated experience. It is important to master the necessary skills to open a business. Once you join MuzArt, the professional training team will provide you with relevant training and guidance to ease your business running process. Our franchise package includes full training methodologies and aids, examination and certification systems, technical know-how for centre setup including centre automation software, operational training and ongoing content upgrades, extensive marketing and sales, plus support visits by MuzArt Elites.


5. Service Strength

Provide regular and irregular supervision and guidance so that all sales technique and teaching method can be operated according to the unified standards and specifications of the headquarters to ensure the quality of the products and stability & sales increment. MuzArt will provide you with the requisite advisory and monitoring to build and develop your overall business capabilities.


6. Investment advantage

The headquarters has introduced a number of preferential policies, which gives a variety of policies so franchisees are able to cut cost on sales and marketing. It can also greatly stimulate the franchisees promotion rapidly, so the development of the franchisee’s business will continuously progress to a greater extent.

MuzArt ® International & MuzArt ® Academy

WHAT IS MuzArt®?

MUZART® is the world’s leading art education innovative program, designed for individuals as young as 2 years old up to adults to give a creative and innovative academic advantage. MUZART® goes far beyond colouring and drawing by enabling Muz’artist to develop critical thinking skills and the ability to learn new materials independently. With the unique MUZART® Creative Methodology, Muz’artists progress at their own pace, only moving forward once they have mastered the tasks at hand. This approach translates into results that go far beyond art, boosting confidence and other assets that will help them throughout their lives.


The procedure of Joining MuzArt


1. Understand the nature of MuzArt Education Business

Leave us your contact information and you will receive general information and franchise plan of MuzArt.


2. On-site inspection

Bring your valid ID card to the company to visit, inspect, negotiate, and understand the specific matters of project cooperation.


3. Joining application

Once there is a preliminary understanding between the company and the franchisee, you may submit the franchisee agreement application. 


4. Signing a contract

A franchisee who meets the qualifications for joining the MuzArt will be given a franchise contract.


5. Site selection

Upon signing the contract, MuzArt will assist the franchisee to carry out site selection and issue a confirmation letter of the store location.


6. Storefront decoration

The franchisee must renovate the store in accordance with the design provided by the MuzArt headquarters, and the headquarters will do the final inspection of the new store.


7. Participate in training

Attend relevant intensive training in MuzArt Headquarters so that you can manage the centre smoothly in future.


8. Preparation for Centre Opening

The headquarters will assist the franchisees in formulating the opening plan, preparing the open ceremony and the official business opening.


9. Officially Opening Ceremony

Necessary opening activities will be held during the official opening ceremony. The headquarters elites will conduct follow ups from time to time.

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Why climb when you can FLY?

Many entrepreneurs wish to start up a business and be their own bosses. However, finding a suitable brand is not easy. Business is all about timing. It is important to choose the right business at the right time. We don’t want you to miss valuable entrepreneurial opportunities. MuzArt is one of the leading brands in the Early Childhood Education industry. It is a promising industry, so you shouldn’t wait a second! MuzArt is a unique brand as our core value mainly focuses on early childhood brain development, which has been well received in the market and it has become a flagship course that catches the eyes of consumers upon launching. We are greatful that MuzArt has been accepted and loved by many and great investment value has attracted many investors and entrepreneurs to invest in MuzArt. If you are keen to join our famous Early Childhood Education brand, do visit us to learn more about our franchise model.


To be the leading talent cultivation organisation in Asia


Open the door to wisdom by inspiring creativity and nurturing a joyful society through art


If you want to start a business but don't know where to start, don't worry--you are not alone. No matter what the motivation is to be your own boss, you can start today.
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MUZART is not an ordinary center for painting teaching but a unique art academy.
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MuzArt International

In MuzArt, we give priority to the healthy and sound development of children’s mind and body.