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March, 2020
A sudden outbreak of a new coronavirus (COVID-19) disrupts all plans and changes the way you and I live.
Masks became as important as “Water” that everyone needs , Hand Sanitizer became as important as “Mobile Phone” that you need to have it all the time.
Children are getting active at home, they start to miss everything in school, friends, teachers etc. Children are hoping everything could get back in place especially 
“Fun Learning Space”
We heard you , Parents!  And We heard you as well, My Dear MuzArtist!
Online Learning System that has been invented over the years by our Powerful Research Team  has officially RELEASED!
MuzArtis going to bring the offline classroom to YOU, letting your children to #stayathomewith M’onNets!


M’onNets inherits all the important elements in MuzArt Art Education such as S.T.E.A.M-Scientific Theories and Brain Development. One of the highlight of this course would be MuzBrain Booster.
Multi-Platform Fun Learning Process. It’s a REAL-TIME INTERACTION Based Online Learning System. Educator will appearon-screen to interact with students and observing them as well.
Elite Educator Team will ensure the class conducted in Fun Learning Environment. Teaching Methodology is different based on their age group. It is to make sure children learning something new in the channel that they are comfortable with.

Observing the psychology element in Children. Embed Moral Value in their learning process. Letting our children to achieve a good amount of life wisdom. A report will be produced to parents for each session.



WHY should you encourage your children to involve in Real-Time Interactive Online Learning System

  • Prominent Syllabus, Elite Educator Team, Real-time Motivation, Intensive Learning report in M’onNetswill let your children effectively LEARN from HOME.

WHAT are the course elements in M’onNets?

  • M’onNetscaters different age of group, the syllabus which based on thematic learning system has embedded Scientific Knowledge and Holistic Learning that made Art is no longer just an Art. 

HOW the class will be conducted

  • REAL-TIME interactive session with Educator: Children can have conversation with educator during the online class
  • Theme Based : The depth of knowledge will based on the age group.
  • Intensive Learning Report : Parents will need to interact with teacher before the end of the class. Consultation will be provided to parents especially in the children’s psychology part. 

MuzArtis READY! Are you ready?

  • It needs a lot hard work to continue to strive our best in giving the Best Education for our MuzArtist. Nothing can stop us from revamping the syllabus to another level! What are you waiting for? Contact us to get more information.

M'onnets Online Classes for Ages 3-18

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