Why needs CPO Entrepreneurship System?

What to learn for facing the future of many changes We hope the children's childrenhood not only having practices and examinations , but also having many chances to cultivate teamworks , leadership , interpersonal interaction and other key capabilities , and those capabilities are really the manifestation of the entrepreneurial spirit !

How to cultivate the children's entrepreneurship ? Through CPO enterpreneurship program , let's seed the children's entrepreneurship , create a base to encourage the children to bravely give a try !
Age: 8 - 17
Total: 67 hours

Build company team

● Understands the company division ● Learns departments to coordinate cooperation

Design creative products

● Creative far thinking design products ● Empathy thinking customers preferences

Funding financial planning

● Build cost budget concept ● Practices confident oral expression

Line lock sale of goods

● Produce all kinds of line lock propaganda ● Field implementation of the lock-up tasks

The immersive project-base learning program allows the children to want to learn from their heart

CPO Exclusive Features ?

Create a realistic business situation

Simulate real world levels , the trainee has a real and exclusive business card ! Let the students to practice drafting business strategies , let students to learn from the actual operation and management, the achievements will be full and complete .

Exquisite small class teaching

Provide exclusive learning consulting services, select a business starter package with any course to get a child's record only video and study advisor report .

What Your Child Learn?

  • Understand the concepts of entrepreneurship.
  • Brainstorm business ideas.
  • Create a simple business plan.
  • Create a budget for your business.
  • Devise and implement a simple marketing plan.
  • Launch your own small business.
  • Learn abouth business & entrepreneurship
  • Setup and run a micro business
  • Be aware of social impact
  • Learn about profit and loss
  • Develop key communication skills
  • Bulid confidence and resilience
  • learn how to create a product or service
  • Will reinforce Math’s and English using entrepreneurship

CPO Entrepreneurship System

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