Brand Story

Anything Is Possible

Proving “Anything Is Possible” with the qualities of water

We compare each member in MuzArt to water in that everyone can adapt to all kinds of situations as water can be frozen into ice and evaporated into steam.
Water is essential for all living things on earth. In this case, courses in MuzArt are compulsory essential not optional, which are critical for everyone.

MuzArt teaching system represents the most important part of our body which, just like water, provides us with sufficient oxygen.
Besides, water represents the great joy the novelty and wisdom of MuzArt can bring to each member, teachers and business partners.

The slogan, “Build up my future”, demonstrates the image of the brand and its orientation. Furthermore, it calls on us to create infinite possibilities.

Student Say

Our Principles

Here at MuzArt, we comply with our principles at all times. We want our children to be good and smart, thus we are trying our best to provide them with the best teacher-child experience.

Here's our list:

  • MuzArt International mission is to create far-thinking children

  • Encourage children do things independently

  • Work and Activity will be child-directed

  • Develop focus and interest in art

  • Learn through daily activities

  • Sensory stimulating, Creative and Personalised

  • Understanding the world through Zoology, Geography and Science

  • Encourage creativity in children

Our Philosophy

Encourage kids to explore
We put kids and their need in first place and create a safe and quality learning environment for them. We prepare kids for life through lifetime skills, love for learning, creative play and practical and academic skills.

Why MuzArt

Learning & Fun
Distinctive art teaching
Kids Care Safe
Top Skilled Tutors

Why is my name MuzArt?

MUZic +ART =MUZART. I am a professional art educator. I do not teach music, but I play music during art lessons. Have you heard of the Mozart's Music Effect? This is the secret to develop your IQ ability. There are tons of research results that indicates listening to Mozart's music may induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as "Spatial-Temporal Reasoning”. Thus, I was named MUZART, the magic combination of music and arts effect. Words does not say enough, come discover us now!


MuzArt International is the right place for your child !

Be sure to contact us about your parents visit and then submit your child's details.

Art is a rewarding experience, so try our classes/workshops to find out more.

MUZART International provides professional art courses, the curriculum were developed by the senior course designer and layout team. With the professional syllabus, every learner will obtain the best learning content in each lesson. Art is not just about colouring and drawing, our courses are integrated into the scientific and geographical knowledge of drawing. Join our wide variety of art classes including sketches, comics, art, oil painting, painting, clay sculpture, etc.


Muzart teachers are well trained, concerned and passionate, good-natured and experienced.


We PROMOTE the idea of teaching moral through aesthetics; our children learn to appreciate the refinement in life. Through their artwork, teachers will have a chance to understand and work on the child’s behaviour and character accordingly. 


WE ESTABLISH self-confidence, cultivating determination, respect for others and self-valuation though aesthetic judgement.


MUZART offers high quality art programme for children and adults. We organize major art exhibitions, examinations, charity workshops and outdoor activities every year. We encourage imagination; promote diverse education, creative expression and positive self-esteem in a warm and fun environment. We also provide an inspiring and creative space for all our students. 


To leading talent cultivation organization in Asia


Open the door to wisdom by inspiring creativity and nurture a joyful society through art
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MUZART is not an ordinary center for painting teaching but a unique art academy.
The following five factors have helped to produce 30,000 talented children blessed with fantastic ideas.


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MuzArt International

In MuzArt, we give priority to the healthy and sound development of children’s mind and body.