"Creating An Ecosystem Of Helping Hands"

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is practiced widely among many companies, some one small scale and some on a bigger scale. It warms our hearts, as members of the society to see large companies organizing charity and social events donation drives and funding. However, many of these actions and effort goes unappreciated. Is it because companies are obliged to give back to society by legal laws? Or is it the stigma that businesses are only doing it for the sake of publicity?

If you’re one of those with this stigma,you may have a different thought by the end of this article。We wouldn’t deny,businesses are obliged to comply with the principles of CSR but CSR itself can come in different shapes and forms.

Starbucks ‘goals for 2020 and beyond include hiring 10,000 refugees across 75 countries, reducing the environmental impact of its cups, and engaging its employees in environmental leadership.


Of course, Starbucks is a huge business platform, what are they going to lose anyway? Let’s do the math. Hiring 10,000 refugees mean training 10,000 new employees, who may also have difficulties with legal employment paperwork which means Starbucks will need to undergo a different employment process in certain countries where refugees are still not supported fully.

Reducing the environmental impact of their cups involves countless research and innovating new environmental-friendly technologies.

Impressive? Yes!

MuzArt International’s goals for 2020 and beyond include creating an ecosystem of helping hands. There’s a lot a single business entity can do, but MuzArt International is working towards nurturing the sense of giving in our future generation. Why help ten people when you can inspire ten people to help 100 people? The CPO Programme by MuzArt International does not only train leadership and entrepreneurship skills in children but also instills the act of giving back to society. The founder of MuzArt  International, Shannics Teh is confident that this effort will make a big difference in our society. While most of us are busy with our lives, MuzArt International trains children to give back to society not just in terms of cash but also time. The CPO program includes fund collection and volunteer service which are entirely planned by students as young as 8 years old with support but no supervision by adults. In 2019,MuzArt International focused on building a happy society by organizing meaningful pieces of training for parents and teachers. It has been MuzArt’s commitment to hold workshops for parents where important topics such as children’s personality workshops, children’s mental health and behavior modification techniques are discussed and trained. Capable and understanding parents and teachers will develop happy and content children.


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